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Instructions (Video) to connect to Online

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Instructions (Video) to connect to Online
by Olzhas S - Saturday, 10 November 2018, 11:41 AM

Instructions (Video) to connect to Online

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Solution of the Java 8 Blocking Problem - Application Blocked by Java Security

In Java 8, if there is a problem with Blocking, then it is solved by adding the site,, to the Exception List, a small instruction for Windows go to the Control Panel below in java. select the Security tab in the Java control panel. The list is displayed on this tab. To add a URL to the list, edit it, or remove it from the list, click Edit Site List.


1. Click the Edit Site List button.

2. Click the Add button in the "Exception Site List" window.

3. Click an empty area in the "Location" field to enter the URL., and

4. Click OK to save the entered URL. When you click Cancel, URLs are not saved.

5. Click the Continue button in the Security Warning dialog box.